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Title:Štúr, Svätopluk – personal fond
Original title (slovak language):Štúr, Svätopluk – osobný fond
Reference code:SK_1213_39018
Name of creator(s):Prof. PhDr. Svätopluk Štúr, DrSc.
Place in the national archival classification scheme:M – Families and Persons
M/II – Persons
Finding aids:inventory
Date(s):(1848) 1901–1981 (2002)
Quantity (bulk size):1,80 meter(s) (15 box(es))
Number of files:264
Fond’s description:Hučko, Ján
Finding aids:Hučko, Ján
Authorising officer:Gubášová Baherníková, Jana
Year of description(s):2019
Status last changed:30.VIII.2019
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Svätopluk Štúr – a philosopher, historian and university lecturer

* 24. I. 1901, Hodslavice
† 12. II. 1981, Bratislava

Professor of Philosophy Svätopluk Štúr was one of the leading representatives of the lebensphilosophie and modern rationalism. He focused on the history of Philosophy, he also paid his attention to music, visual arts and to critical thinking, mostly among the young generation. In 1936, he earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree by defending his work „K logickým problémom súčasnej filozofie”. Two years later he successfully habilitated as an Associate Professor in Philosophy with his work „Problém transcendentna v súčasnej filozofii”. During World War II he was forced to leave the university because of his opinions and to make a living as a clerk at the Slovak Bank. In 1948, he was appointed a Professor of Philosophy. He published scientific monographs „Rozprava o živote” and „Zmysel slovenského obrodenia”. At the same time he worked on „Marxisticko-leninská vôľa k moci” though it could not be published until 1991. During the Prague Spring, unfortunately so short, his work „Nemecká vôľa k moci” was released. After the beginning of the „normalization” period in April 1969, Professor Svätopluk Štúr´s opinions were not acceptable by the new government and he was, yet again forced to leave the university. In 1992 he was awarded, in memoriam, the Order of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, class I, by President of the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic Václav Havel.