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Title:Štúrová-Kuklová, Božena – personal fond
Original title (slovak language):Štúrová-Kuklová, Božena – osobný fond
Reference code:SK_1213_39019
Name of creator(s):Prof. MUDr. Božena Štúrová-Kuklová, DrSc.
Place in the national archival classification scheme:M – Families and Persons
M/II – Persons
Finding aids:inventory
Date(s):1899–1977 (2012)
Quantity (bulk size):0,60 meter(s) (5 box(es))
Number of files:109
Fond’s description:Hučko, Ján
Finding aids:Hučko, Ján
Authorising officer:Gubášová Baherníková, Jana
Year of description(s):2019
Status last changed:31.III.2019
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Božena Štúrová-Kuklová – doctor

* 14. XII. 1893, Žamberk
† 14. IV. 1977, Bratislava

Božena Štúrová-Kuklová, Professor of Medicine, was one of the prominent founders of national health services in Slovakia; she participated in education and development of young adepts of medical science. She focused all her scientific and highly professional potential on infectious tuberculosis and bacteriology. She was the first woman in Czechoslovakia to successfully complete her habilitation procedure in 1928 and become the associate professor (a docent) of pathology and internal disease treatment. In 1934 she was, yet again the first woman in Czechoslovakia, appointed as unpaid Professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Bratislava.
She was closely connected to Slovakia from her very young age. She significantly contributed to the establishment of the Department of Tuberculosis at the Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University in Bratislava. Professor Božena Štúrová-Kuklová received many prestigious awards. In 1992 she was awarded the Order of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, in memoriam, class III.