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Title:Frankovič, Baltazár – personal fond
Original title (slovak language):Frankovič, Baltazár – osobný fond
Reference code:36590
Name of creator(s):prof. Ing. Baltazár Frankovič DrSc.
Place in the national archival classification scheme:M – Families and Persons
M/II – Persons
Finding aids:inventory
Quantity (bulk size):3,6 meter(s) (30 box(es))
Number of files:268
Fond’s description:Jančula, Michal
Hučko, Ján
Finding aids:Hučko, Ján
Authorising officer:Gubášová Baherníková, Jana
Year of description(s):2018
Status last changed:1.II.2018
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Prof. Ing. Baltazár Frankovič, DrSc. – technical cyberneticist

* 21.IV.1927, Jasov
† 5.VIII.2008, Bratislava

Prof. Ing. Baltazár Frankovič, DrSc. conducted research in the field of control systems engineering and technical cybernetics (optimal and adaptive control of continuous and discrete processes utilising artificial intelligence). He also engaged in research of robotics, artificial intelligence, automation and cybernetics. A lot of his theoretical findings was put into practice in the field of control problem solution and modelling of process control. He spent the larger part of his professional life at the Institute of engineering cybernetics SAS, later known as Institute of control theory and robotics SAS. He was active within the inner structures of SAS. He was laureate of many awards, both Slovak and international ones.